Vladimir Putin

Edmison, J. Alex

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The "Red Ryan" case as a horrible example of parole failure. Lessons to be learned from the Red Ryan case. History of the National Parole Board which commenced functioning in Ottawa in January 1959. The address responds to a series of questions, covering the following topics. Responsibilities of the National Parole Board. A definition of parole. Who is eligible for parole, and when. How the National Parole Board knows when an inmate is deserving of parole. Factors considered by the Board when studying parole applications. Examples, both positive and negative, in terms of reform. Why conditions are imposed when parole is granted. Typical conditions in a Certificate of Parole. Who may make parole applications. The proper time to make a parole application. Parole for "lifers" and "habituals" and other long-term prisoners. Drug addicts. Further application once a parole is turned down. Supervision of a parolee. Some of the duties of the Parole Supervisor and the Regional Representative, and the reasons for such duties. Consequences of violation of parole conditions. The record of the National Parole Board to date. Parole success stories.

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