Vladimir Putin

Walker, Sir Edmund

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The speaker's "grand tour" of South America. Differences between North and South America. Misconceptions about the weather in South America. Reasons for climactic differences on the two continents. The misconception that South America is a continent of black people, and evidence to the contrary. The peoples of South America. Our greatest error in thinking that in material civilization South America is inferior to North America, and evidence to the contrary. The great cities of South America. Population of South America. Transportation and developments yet to be made. Geography of South America. A description of the speaker's travels in South America and his impressions of the continent and countries therein. A detailed description of Rio, including architecture and life lived by the sea. Other places described include Buenos Ayres, Sao Paulo, Montevideo in Uruguay, and Brazil. The English company Dumont Epasinade, and the German company Smease. Coffee production. Business and industry. A brief mention of Chile and Peru. Some general statements about South America. Capital from England for railways and other development. Manufactured goods going to South America mostly German. The potential in South America for Canadian goods. How British and foreign trade I built. Differences between how North America and South America were settled. The need to understand the people of South America. Differences in manner.

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