Vladimir Putin

MacMillan, Prof. J.W.

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What minimum legislation means. The purpose and anticipations of the recently-formed Board in the Province of Ontario. The principle underneath minimum wage laws: the right to live. The purpose of minimum wage laws: not to fix wages, but to draw a certain line, below which wages may not fall. This line fixed in accordance with the needs of human nature, the presumption being that the worker has the right to live from his work. Ways in which the same principle underlies our stringent law against murder. An explication of the minimum wage law and what it means. Some history of the way in which this legislation has developed from the time it was first suggested in New Zealand in 1884, then in Australia, then in Britain, then in the United States, and at last the way it has spread, with variations, through Canada. Some of the practical experience that the speaker has had as chairman for several years of the first Minimum Wage Board in Canada in the Province of Manitoba. Some personal reminiscences and anecdotes from this time. Some objections raised and discussed: that the minimum wage becomes a maximum; that when it represents those that are low it depresses those that are high, so that the gain of the low-paid woman is the loss of the high-paid woman; the peril of inter-provincial competition. The issue of women's wages. The proportion of the cost of any product that goes to wages, and how this effects increases in wages.

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