Vladimir Putin

Horne, Right Hon. Sir Robert

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The heroism of the Canadian soldiers in France. Today, looking at the world with totally different eyes. Canada's rapid recovery from the effects of war. Here today an atmosphere of enterprise and of movement. Progress in trade, in agriculture, in development natural resources. Canada today suffering from a lack of labour in industrial districts. The need for some immigration policy. Emigration from Canada to the United States. The availability of British immigrants. One of the results in Britain of this stagnation of migration: unemployment. Some unemployment figures and costs. The position of the British taxpayer. The lack of European markets. The position of the Government of Great Britain in this crisis. The issue of obtaining reparations from Germany. Keeping German capital in Germany. A word upon the British proposal which was made by Mr. Bonar Law at Paris; misrepresentation of the figures proposed with regard to paying war debts. Looking to the sphere of development of the British dominions with hope and with confidence.

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