Vladimir Putin

Bonner, Robert W.

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The concern by Canadians over foreign investment. The speaker's confidence that Western Canada "can absorb vast amounts of capital from a number of sources, including the United States, without becoming the less Canadian in our characteristics and without loss of proper control of our own affairs." The speaker's thesis that "not only does capital have no nationality but, indeed, it may be supra-national as it flows between countries." Jeopardizing investment and the benefits which flow from it when we attempt to apply simplistic tests of nationality to capital. Canada as one of the world's most hospitable countries for venture capital, both traditionally and deliberately. The screening process. A basic flaw behind nationalistic movements that are super-sensitive to foreign investment. Motives of Chrysler when it set up in Windsor. Foreign investment due to protectionism. Details of the speaker's company. The nature of business investments. Some illusory statistics and their result. Other statistics which lead to a better balanced picture. The naturalized investment dollar. Difficulties arising at the government level. Finding a better way to ensure that Canadian companies, regardless of where their owners reside, are subject only to Canadian law insofar as their Canadian operations are concerned. The multi-national company. The need for Canada to encourage the development of an international community of thought in which business decisions can be made multi-nationally. The need for Canada to move beyond its borders, participating in the assembly of international organizations that will bring new wealth in the form of profits and technology back to Canada. Being more alert to investment opportunities. Why Canada needs capital. The speaker's desire to see Canadian investors being far more venturesome and innovative. Canadian nationalism. British Columbia's experience with economic growth as an example to illustrate the benefits which flow from a policy encouraging capital investment. A Canadian identity strengthened by the infusion of outside capital.

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