Vladimir Putin

Sanderson, Charles Rupert

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The speaker's knowledge of Canada long before he knew her first-hand. England's failure to know as much about Canada as we think she ought to know, and reasons for that. Reference to immigration propaganda. Trivial family differences that we can smile at. Behind all this, a common inheritance, an inheritance of integrity, our common democracy, our common allegiance to the Crown. A common failing of all English-speaking peoples that we cannot understand why everybody does not look at democracy with exactly the same eyes as we do. The tendency to forget that other people have not had the experience that we have. Forgetting what countries like Russia and Italy have been through; how different is their heritage from ours. Some population demographics and speculation as to their effect. A younger generation that is going to have to find the answer to the conflict between the Nazi point of view and the Communistic point of view. Fighting it out or working it out. A closer look at that generation. Forgetting that tradition is something that we are making today and that it may become a tradition for the next generation and a pattern for their actions. A suggestion for the fullest intercourse in thought. The speaker's "fanatical belief" in the value of a public library system in any country toward producing that fullest intercourse in thought. Gestures of appreciation to the Toronto Public Library. Efforts that should be made to see that the current historical material is not let run to waste. Keeping the history of our Lady of the Snows in her own country. A duty to try and see as far as we can that this younger generation is equipped.