Vladimir Putin

Claes, Willy

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada, The Canadian Club of Toronto and The Atlantic Council of Canada. A description of how, in the speaker's view, Canada's interests are served by a continued strong, visible commitment to the North Atlantic Alliance. The agenda of our "new NATO." Background and history of NATO, and Canada's participation in it. Now, ways in which NATO continues to serve Canada's interests. Preserving national interests and security, while at the same time retaining influence and respect. NATO as an insurance policy that is affordable and reliable. For countries like Canada, an influence-multiplier. Canada's stake in NATO. What the European allies derive from a visible Canadian commitment to NATO. Ideas and expertise from Canada. New challenges to security and stability for which NATO has developed a new agenda, one which directly addresses both the threats and opportunities which now characterise the European landscape. An examination of these situations. Questions about NATO and UN involvement. Canada's peacekeeping missions debated in parliament. A response from the speaker to these two issues. Partnership for Peace: more than military exercises. Initiating a process of examination inside the Alliance to determine how NATO will enlarge, the principles by which to guide this process and the implications of membership. Principles which need to be fulfilled for enlargement. NATO's approach to enhancing stability in Europe. The agenda of the "new NATO" making clear that the Alliance continues to occupy the centre stage in European security, with new roles, new missions, and new partners. The dangers of endless cuts in Allied defence budgets. Canada present once again at the creation of a new order: a co-operative security order. Canada's gain from the success of NATO endeavours.
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