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Gardiner, Hon. James G.

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Verifying the prophecy made by the speaker 20 years ago in Vancouver to the Chamber of Commerce, and to the Empire Club of Canada regarding Canadian citizenship and European and British immigrants. The speaker's address in 1935 on the "Drought Area of the West" and his prophecy at that time about the recovery of that area for food production. How that prophecy has also come true. Food produced in that area during the war years. Effects of the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Act introduced by the Bennett Government in June of 1935. What was done to make that area productive again. Food shipped to Britain under Government to Government contracts which established stability in the industry. The high status of the name of Canada with reference to food in terms of both quantity and quality. Criticisms levelled against the Canadian Government by Canadians with regard to food production. Response to that criticism. Current farm policy. Canadian wheat and flour in high demand, and why that is so. The unselfish manner of Canadian farmers during the war years and now, in the transitional period. How current and war-time farm policy was created, in some detail, and with figures. The continuing policy and on what that is based. Results of this policy for Canadian farms and farmers. Meeting the needs of Britain and Europe. Looking to the future and the part that food will play in establishing or disturbing the peace. The eventual need in Canada to have enough people settled in close proximity to food producing areas to consume the greater part of the food produced there. Canadian industry becoming competitive through markets of the masses who live south of the American boundary and elsewhere. How that will allow Canada's population to increase. The need for Canadian industrialists to spread industry across Canada just as farmers have spread farming across the country and reasons for it. Doing so in the national interest even at the expense of profits.

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