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Starr, Commissioner J.E.

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Giving a clear view, and presenting the reason for, and the working of, the Juvenile Court in its endeavour to make your delinquents good citizens of the Empire. The recognition by the Juvenile Court of two principles embodied in the Children's Protection Act of Great Britain: that the child should be a ward of the State, and that every child should be entitled to the rights of civilization the same as an adult is, and equally with an adult. The object of the Juvenile Court to prevent our delinquents becoming criminals. Punishment not as big a success as prevention. The Juvenile Court, administering justice with thought, with care, with fairness, with humanity, with love, seeking to take these mis-directed, mis-guided boys and girls and transform them into future good citizens. Coming back to the undisciplined home. The power to change the environment of the home, and failing that, the power to take a boy out of the environment of that home and put him in another home that of the Juvenile Court. Response to these questions: Who are the boys with whom we have to deal; how are they dealt with; is anybody else dealt with. Illustrative anecdotes accompany these responses. The lack of accommodation for the feeble-minded children. The need for a psychopathic clinic. An even bigger need for more staff, for these boys to have the individual help of some one, so that they may have a chance to make good. An appeal to the members of the audience to volunteer to be a big brother to some one of these little brothers put on parole by the speaker.

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