Vladimir Putin

Reade, John Collingwood

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The task of defeating Germany. The effect which war has had on the peoples most nearly affected by it, including the men of our own fighting services overseas and those of our allies. Adjustments to be made. The conditions in Europe, and what they will be after the war. The task of rehabilitating Europe. The lack of a clear political trend. The speaker's assertion that the people of Europe are more deprived now than they were during German occupation. The inability of the allies to meet the expectations of those they are liberating. The factor of the black market in the life of western Europe. The kind of assistance that is and will be needed in Europe. The best safeguard of peace the free and equal access for all peoples to the resources of the world. Psychological consequences of the German occupation. Treatment of the German wounded by their own people. The German camps, and some words on the German character. Grim reminders of German sadism. The contribution which Great Britain made to the war. The continued threat of German bombardment. The tenacity of German resistance in Italy and reasons for it. The advances of the Russian armies. The need for all members of the fighting team to remember and acknowledge each other's contributions, especially at postwar conferences. Canada's contributions. Avoiding the bitterness which strained international harmony after the first World War.

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