Vladimir Putin

Straiton, John

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Some personal reminiscences. An illustration of how things are changing in the world. The speaker's home town, and the rest of Canada, now part of the Global Supermarket. The age of the multi-national, or international corporation. Examples of Canada in the international market. Extra pressure from the United States in competing for world markets. Throughout this speech on Canada's current and potential participation in the world marketplace, the speaker asks the question "Are Canadians simply Americans on snowshoes?" and suggests an answer through points made in his discussion. A look at some of Canada's advantages, for example: its reputation abroad, production flexibility. Industries in which Canada is gaining. The cost factor due to the way Canada's population is spread out. An example of the greater demands placed on Canada, using the advertising business. Examples of practical Canadian salesmanship working in many parts of the world, beginning with a paper product. Advertising with an emphasis on the product. "The product makes the advertising." The speaker's insistence that research be used as a guide to creativity. Canada's advertising approach and how well it stands up in other lands. The need for Canada to "get out and capture more world business." Competing with international corporations by operating like international corporations. Suggestions for Canada in several industries and markets. The speaker's hope to see Canada become "the magnetic pole for brain-power." Using this appeal for the intelligent to make Canada a gathering place for the outstanding minds of the generation. A summary.

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