Vladimir Putin

Eaton, Dr. Charles A.

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The part that the English-speaking race has played, is now playing, and is destined to play in the great drama of history. Finding in our contribution perhaps one, if not the chief, instrument of advancing civilization. The parts chosen by the Divine Creator for certain races to play, with examples. The speaker's belief as to the part that has been chosen for the English-speaking race to play. A brief review of the development of this race. Some remarks on ideas. The understanding which is going to become the dominant force throughout the world. "The Anglo-Saxon will be free" as the chief organ of civilization, and reasons for that belief. The achievements of people who speak the English tongue throughout the world as the background for the speaker's message. An examination of civilization and its development. Industry as the chosen new organ of civilization today. Evidence in that regard. Asking questions as to whether we can apply, in any industry, the principles of Canadian and British and American democracy; the principles of the Christian religion. The speaker's response that if we cannot, then either the industry or the religion will have to go. Discussion follows. An examination of the development and responsibilities of workers and of corporations. Applying to industry the principles of Anglo-Saxon democracy, with example. The speaker's prediction that the new leaders of the industrial movement will be the big employers themselves, and that they will have with them their own employees as loyal partners and co-operators. Solving problems within industry by peaceful means the problems that the labour union and other organizations were forced into being in order to solve by the instrument of warfare thirty years ago. A look at progress an how we have done. This old world going forward, on the up-grade toward a great destiny. Defining progress. Thinking in terms of the whole problem; to widen the horizons of thinking and sympathy. Thinking in terms of humanity, and not in terms of economics alone.

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