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Saunders, Controller Leslie H.

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The speaker's division of his address under the following headings: What the City asked for; Why the City asked for amalgamation; Some facts about the situation at that time; The Cumming Report; The Reaction of the City to it; What the Cumming Report actually recommended; a few remarks on what has happened since he prepared his notes (Bill 80); A summary. Under these headings, several topics are addressed, including the following. The application for amalgamation of 10 suburban municipalities, plus parts of two others, made February, 1950 by the City of Toronto. Statements from the Board of Control's report. Words of the Premier. Details of two basic methods by which problems of the city can be addressed: the transfer of services to one or more administrative commissions to more equitably distribute costs; or an administrative set-up that involves the unification of local governing bodies into one central administration. Evidence of the need for some action. Some facts and figures to illustrate the situation at the time of argument in Council over this issue. A look at the Cumming Report, which declined approval of the City's application for amalgamation. Details of objections. Excerpts from a report which was signed by the Commissioners of Finance, Works, Planning, Assessment and the Corporation Counsel with regard to the Cumming Report. The speaker's belief that the Cumming Recommendations are basically unsound and undemocractic, with a detailed explanation. What would happen under amalgamation. Bill 80. Giving the City of Toronto credit for its united front against the scheme. The speaker's belief that the Government is evading its responsibility and lacking in courage.

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