Vladimir Putin

Belonogov, His Excellency Alexander M.

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Mutual problems with constitutional reform (Canada and Russia). International, as well as nation, interest in Russia's future. Results in Russia of ten months of attempting to implement reforms of various kinds, the most important of which is economic. A review of the problems involved. Some hopeful signs. The importance and international significance of the changes occurring in Russia. Concerns regarding a breakup of the Russian Federation. President Yeltsin's plans for government. Some positive developments in the area of co-operation among former Soviet republics. How to achieve a market economy, and at what price. The government's policy of price liberalization and the gradual raising of energy prices to world levels. Problems of unemployment and industrial restructuring, setting up a proper legal framework for the economy to work, privatization, tax structures. Details of the transformation. The scale of Western assistance. Why aid should be given. Russian-Canadian economic and political relations.
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