Vladimir Putin

Nye, Senator

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The danger of war today greater than it was 30 days before the World War. Contemplating what we might do today in these distressing, depressing times, if we had what four years of war cost this world, with figures. Going forward even in these days of bankruptcy and unbalanced budgets, spending more money getting ready for more war than we ever spent in peace times before. Increases in budgets for maintenance of armies and navies in Italy, Russia, France, Great Britain and in the United States, an increase of 197%. How to account for our forgetting the experience of only 16 years ago. Profit to be found by some in war and in preparation for war, with illustrative examples and figures. Continued and constant threat of war until we can destroy the motive of profit. The business of manufacturing and selling munitions of war which in this world has become a rotten, international racket and with those engaged in it racketeers, despite honours bestowed upon them by our civilization. Going to war with countries who have bought one's armaments. The munitions industry engaging in creating war scares. Why we get nowhere in Disarmament conferences. The government as the best friend and partner of the munitions maker, with example. The need to destroy absolutely any possibility for private profit to be made from national defence.

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