Vladimir Putin

Currelly, Charles T.

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Some introductory remarks about key moments in history. A reasoned plan of action in Italy and Germany. An example of how Germany, even before the War, was very much given to a general conceived plan. British exploration in the 19th century. Practically no new markets today. Developing what will be most profitable on both sides. The idea that we might, as Canadians, look to China as one of the countries that it behooves us to study and with which we might look forward to having long and continued successful trade. China and Canada linked by sea. An illustrative example. What Canada provides us with, and what else we need. Determining with whom we will trade. Products that we would want to import from China. What China wants and can get from us. Developing trade. A look at Chinese and European history. Products and inventions developed in China, including porcelain, printing, and tea. What we owe to China. The speaker's suggestions that "we should do our level best to study the whole Chinese situation, that we should approach the Chinese with that humility which their predominant position in the development of our civilization demands, that we should in every way leave no stone unturned to bring about the most ultra friendly relationship with that great people, and that we should join with them in that very trade which it seems to me nature has made so easily possible for us."
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