Vladimir Putin

Endicott, Reverend James G.

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The speaker's return from what he calls "the most bombed and blasted city in the world, Chungking, the wartime capital of China." Taking China seriously as a democracy. The difficulties and dangers of such an assertion. The speaker's conviction that China is heading towards democracy, and that she is making substantial progress towards that goal, even in wartime. Reasons for the speaker's conviction through an examination of her society, with many illustrative anecdotes. The qualities of heroism and character in the common people in China that have inspired the speaker to believe in the inevitable growth and establishment of democracy. Madame Chian Kai-Shek and her influence on democracy for China. How the policy of appeasement has affected China and the Far East. The failure of the League of Nations with regard to the invasion of Manchuria. Evidence of China's suffering due to the policy of appeasement. The Japanese using equipment and weapons from Britain and the United States in their aeroplanes. Watching with interest as Japan attempts to extricate herself from her unprofitable aggression in China. Some words from Mr. Churchill on the Chinese defence. The speaker's appeal to Canadians for aid to China in their struggle.

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