Vladimir Putin

MacPhail, Sir Andrew

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Comparing our life now to that of thirty years ago. Use of our natural resources. The fundamental resource of nitrogen and its influence in terms of the movements of history. Our resources gone in comparison with the days of abundance. The farmer no longer a farmer when he engages in politics. The drain that is going on from the country into the city. The world now back to being on the verge of starvation. The day's work of a farmer, with illustration. The issue of "spare time"; what people used to do with it. Everyone now advising the farmer. The issue of educating the farmers. The isolation of the farmer. Leaving the farmer alone the best thing to do. We in Canada in a hole by our own optimism; the need to dig ourselves out. Losing sight of what used to be called the heavenly mansion in which the human spirit has always found refuge from the difficulties of this world.