Vladimir Putin

Newton, Prof. A.P.

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A description of the scheme being undertaken at the University of London with regard to business. Building up the great sphere of international commerce. Getting young men who will be able to look at the problems of the world not with the narrow vision of a man whose sight is bounded by the walls of his own office, but with the greater vision, the trained vision, which has been built up within the best educational institutions that can be found in the world. Education and commerce largely divorced from one another before the war. Now a better understanding each of the other, and how and why that is so. New departments of government built up during the war in England, largely from the ranks of academe. The business man and the academic gaining a new respect for each other in that process. The work of post-war reconstruction, including the setting up of a committee at the suggestion of the banking and mercantile community of the City of London, containing both the leaders of industry and some of the most presentable men in the university ranks, to work out a scheme whereby the men could be trained to fill the highest positions in the mercantile world by the establishment of a commerce degree in the University of London. An outline of the details of this scheme. The purposes this scheme is intended to serve. A detailed description of the scheme, including subjects and options taken, follows, including the prospectus in banking and finance, and reasons for the inclusion of each subject area. The popularity of the programme.

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