Vladimir Putin

Nelson, John

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What is happening on the Pacific Coast at present a menace to the British people, its institutions and its policies. Reference to the saying that the history of Canada as the history of immigration; the problems of Canada the problems of race. Ensuring the boundary between Canada and Asia. The issue of Oriental immigration. The exclusion of foreigners from taking lucrative employment. The dangers of naturalization while at the same time denying someone their political rights. The circumstances under which Asiatics first came to Canada. The later influx of the Japanese. Remembering that both the Asiatic races against which an outcry is now directed have made a striking physical contribution to the development of Canada. What has been stated with respect to the two Mongolian races and how it applies in limited way to the Hindooes. The impelling motive that brings immigration to Canada. Some immigration statistics. Why the Japanese present a greater problem than the Chinese. The task before Canadian statesmen, one of the most delicate with which they have to deal. Questions which must be answered. A passing illustrative glance at a few localities in the Province where Asiatics have secured a foothold. A review of the problems associated with this subject.

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