Vladimir Putin

King, Horace

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Some introductory remarks and reminiscences. Differences in the national policies of free people. The significance of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The speaker's belief that the cementing bonds of that great union (NATO) is the Christian faith. Communism. What is happening in the Soviet Union. Russia pursuing policies in no way indistinguishable from those of old Imperialist Russia. Two kinds of Communists. Using in a positive way the weapons, the instruments of political democracy to remove the sources of irritation that exist in any community. The need for good leadership on the part of the trade union movement. Preventing the recurrence of anything like the mass unemployment and poverty of the pre-war years. The need for education. Explaining to people just what Communism means. A realization that Democracy is the hardest form of government, and why. What is true for us becomes infinitely more true for the depressed areas of the world. Christian duty. The battle for the under-developed part of the world. A brief word on defence. The possibility that the historic duty of our generation is to hold world peace. Trying to understand the issues and to accept our responsibilities as individual citizens of free communities. The speaker's deep abiding faith in the inheritance of the free world.