Vladimir Putin

Ney, Major F.J.

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The speaker's recent visit to South Africa and some personal background. Some details of the voyage itself. The European population in the Union of South Africa. A brief look at the history of the Cape Province and of the Union. South Africa's intention to remain in the Imperial Commonwealth. The problem of the disparity of white and non-white populations in South Africa. The three Native Territories of Basutoland, Swaziland and Bechuanaland and a prejudice against the Union based upon historic rather than current policies. Some sample responses to the question put to the African in all the British Colonies: "Do you wish the British to go and some International organization to take you over?" The influence which the Empire exerts on the African Continent. Some stories and impressions of different countries in Africa. Africa's strategic importance, especially in light of the impact of Asia "which is so clearly to be seen all along the East Coast." Other impressions of the speaker: "the outstanding fact that the world's greatest asset in Africa is the influence of Britain exerted through a small army of conscientious colonial administrators and founded upon a tradition of justice and humanity"; fears of British withdrawal by the countries of the Middle East. Pondering which direction Africa will take. Canadian responsibility in that decision. What the world owes to the Empire in Africa.

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