Vladimir Putin

Snider, C.H.J.

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This address introduces us to Tennyson's words describing waiting for a train at Coventry. The speaker offers us a modern-day view of waiting for a train at Coventry, during a bombing raid, in the mode of Tennyson. The description allows many subjects to be addressed, including the following. The damage caused by such a bombing raid. The people killed from the bombs, and the people killed from trying to help others. The damage to buildings. The work of the people of Britain. The spirit and nature of the British people during this war. Changes in social convention due to the war. "The new Briton." The sacrifices being made by the British people. Daily life of the British in war time. An explanation of the new Briton. The issue of conscription. The work that women are doing during the war. Employment and income tax. The determination to fight, and to win.

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