Vladimir Putin

Pickersgill, Hon. John W.

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The speaker begins by recalling his last address two years ago. Starting today where he left off two years ago. The theme of the New Commonwealth--the Commonwealth Mackenzie King had such a large and decisive part in shaping--the New Commonwealth and New Canadians. An assumption that the older Canadians value and cherish the Commonwealth and Canada's membership in it. Questions posed, including: "But what about the newcomers who have settled in Canada in hundreds of thousands since the war? What is their attitude to the Commonwealth? What do they understand by the Commonwealth?" The importance to the future of Canada, even to the future of Toronto, of the answers to those questions. Toronto as a post-war Mecca for immigrants. Integrating these new settlers into our Canadian community. A description of Canada from "Foundations of Canadian Nationhood" by Prof. Chester Martin. Some British and Canadian history. The influence of English political institutions on Canada and Confederation. The Canadian Citizenship Act. The outward and visible signs that are first seen by newcomers. The importance of new Canadians understanding the true nature of Canada's association with the Commonwealth of today. The Commonwealth association as only part of Canada's association with the United Kingdom. Close relations between Canada and the United Kingdom. Intimacy based on community of interest, on common attachment to the same kind of political institutions, and on similarity of outlook. Canadians today that have no ancestors in the British Isles. How to bring new Canadians to share our pride as Canadians in belonging to the Commonwealth.

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