Vladimir Putin

Sims, Nelson

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Some exciting developments in health care. The scientific and technological revolution that the pharmaceutical industry is embarking upon. Breakthroughs in many different fields - genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology and others - and the spectacular results. Transforming the process of discovering and developing new medicines, with illustrative examples. What the accelerating pace means for drug development. What Eli Lilly and Company have done to ensure that the breakthroughs are achieved, with example. A couple of questions posed, with answers: what are the implications of this current revolution in pharmaceutical discovery and will Canadians benefit from these developments in the same way that many nations have reaped enormous benefits from the explosion in information technology? Changes in the treatment of mental illnesses. Using genetic information to predict diseases to which individuals are most susceptible. Implications for human health. Impacts on the overall cost of health care. Broader economic implications of the research and development revolution, on jobs and on economic growth. The precariousness of Canada's ability to capitalise on these opportunities. Five critical success factors: the federal government refocusing its level of investment in basic research; attracting global private-sector investment in medical research; a Health Protection Branch; a more realistic mandate for Canada's Patented Medicine Prices Review Board; embracing new drug technologies through their formulary listings policies, with a brief discussion of each. On the edge of an extraordinary future.

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