Vladimir Putin

Rowebottom, Lorne

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The address begins with a rhetorical question: "Which is more important, to put a man on the moon or take a census?" The equality of difficulty in these two tasks; suggesting a few of the most significant differences. Putting the census in a context of a complex of management information systems, which is the product of the Dominion Bureau of Statistics. A description of the DBS. Knowledge of the DBS basic resource: the people of Canada. The foundation of that knowledge is derived from censuses. A look at censuses. Details of the 1971 census, then a discussion under the following headings: The History of the Census; Three Censuses in One; Census of Agriculture; Census of Merchandising; Census Questions. What happens to all those questions asked. A confidence that in June, Canadian households and families will make their essential contribution to making available good information for good decisions for a better Canada that will be found in the results of the 1971 census--by answering 500 million questions.