Vladimir Putin

Snowden, Mrs. Philip

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Removing misunderstandings about the association of the British Labour Movement with the Bolshevik Party of Russia, as heard by the speaker in this country. The difference between cheese and chalk not greater than the difference between the first labour Government of Great Britain and the Bolshevik Government of Russia, with two or three specific examples. The surprise of the Labour Leaders themselves when the first Labour Government came into being; why this was not sought, nor desired. How this change in Government came about. The conditions under which the Labour Government took office. The overwhelming vote for Free Trade. Party secondary to the service of the country in the middle of almost unimaginable difficulties. Sympathy for the Government's position. Remembering that the labour Party is the safety valve of British politics. The two matters in which the new Government established their reputation: in foreign policy, and in finance, with explication. The state of Mr. MacDonald's health. Blame placed on the tricks of the other parties for the sudden and unexpected defeat of the Labour Government. The important fact that the Labour Party increased its vote by more than a million in that election. Labour's mistakes of judgment. The election campaign. Characteristics of members of the Labour Party. The Party continuing to grow in numbers and in influence. A concluding quote from Mr. Kipling.

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