Vladimir Putin

Foster, Hon. George E.

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Bearing the name of the Empire; the need to stiffen up your shoulder and make your limbs good and strong to bear the weight of that portion of Empire work that falls upon you through the coming years. The Empire of Britain just about beginning its work, despite its age and greatness. Now no more critical time in the whole history of the Empire, when the old is being added to by the new. The action and the decision which takes place in the few years which are just now opening determining what the vast British Empire shall be in the future and what place it shall hold amongst the great powers and nations of the world. The impossibility of knowing the outcome of this Imperial Conference. However, three things that force themselves on the speaker's mind: that the present Conference now sitting occupies a unique position in that it is the first business Conference that has stood in the Empire by itself; that there has been a permanence given to the Conference that it never had before; that it has brought the question of trade preference in the British Empire to a place which it has never held before.

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