Vladimir Putin

Livingstone, Dr. Leslie D.

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An idea of the Northland, the native inhabitants and the speaker's work among them. The speaker's arrival in North Baffin Land on the 18th of August, 1922. His introduction to the most primitive of the Eskimo: a description. The first introduction to these Eskimo of the practice of medicine. Stories of previous incidents of medical intervention by Conan Doyle thirty years previously, and by Sir John Ross in 1825, who purportedly fitted an Eskimo with a wooden leg. The lack of vegetation, and the pharmacoial drugs available to the Eskimo. The practise of Shaumism or witchcraft. A brief history of the Eskimo and how they came to be in the Arctic. The oral tradition of the Eskimo, and history gleaned from it. A rendition of one of the Eskimo mythical stories. The Padlemuits, the most primitive of all Eskimo who lived on the west coast of Hudson Bay. The expedition of 1922, arranged in order to send in a number of police to occupy the Island of Ellesmere. The circumstances under which the speaker was included in this expedition. A description of this expedition, and the medical work performed by the speaker. Details of travelling requirements. A description of the speaker's trip to the Western Arctic in 1938, also with details of conditions and work carried out. Education of the Eskimo, provided in residential schools. How the natives utilize everything the country will produce. The developing of a large herd of reindeer by the Department of Mines and Resources. Vast changes over the last 25 years from the first introduction of medicine to the natives.

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