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David, Hon. Louis Athanase

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A great and altogether new idea gathering strength in the province of Quebec. The political and economic Quebec. Quebec's natural resources. The need for the co-operation of industrial pioneers to transform the natural riches into national wealth. The duty for us to industrialize. Not forgetting that Quebec, first of all, is a farming centre, and that she is and will remain an agricultural province. The need to measure up to the level of modern necessity. How the labour of the French-Canadian has played a large par tin the fortune of the old English families. The mission of the speaker and his province to continue in this English land, with the protection of the British flag, and to continue here the traditions and to safeguard the language of "la plus belle nation du monde, Gentlemen, la France!" A happy rivalry. Looking at the budget of a province as one would look at the statement of assets and liabilities for an ordinary business house. The need for the Revenue of the Province of Quebec to increase if its people wish that it shall meet the obligations which the new epoch has thrust upon it. An illustration of what the speaker has said about the utilization of natural resources, with statistics and dollar figures. Enlightened and progressive laws affecting the workingman on the statute books of Quebec. Foresight as what the art of governing consists in, and how that is so. A discussion of the working man and labour. How Capital and Labour have grown to look upon each other as brothers. The rights of Labour in Quebec. An explanation of the compromise between Capital and Labour in Quebec. Education in Quebec. Industry and agriculture going hand in hand in harmonious cooperation. Our imperative duty towards and the State and the individuals who compose it, to work. The times we are going through calling for men who know how to bear responsibilities, men who are not afraid to talk plainly to the people, nor to shock them in so doing. Some quotes in conclusion. From Disraeli: "The youth of a nation are the trustees of Posterity." From a modern writer, "Ce sont les jeunes qui rebatiront!"

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