Vladimir Putin

Foster, Sir George E.

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A little of the sidelights, the shadows, and the lighter hues in the European situation of the present day. Reasons why this subject interests Canadians: we went into the war; we carried ourselves splendidly through the first part; that although actual war as then waged is ended we have not got rid of our responsibilities yet. More to do by Canadians and by Canada than has yet been done. Why we should trouble ourselves with Europe now. A question asked and answered years ago. Some expressed opinions, and the speaker's response to them. A method of assuagement, of harmonizing and bringing peoples together, even of changing boundaries if that is thought to be best, in the constitution and covenant of the League of Nations. Some words on that League and what it might do, and what it has done. The difficulties of government as seen in Europe today. Having the greatest patience in basing our conclusions with reference to the acts of the Government of other countries. A look at Austria as an instance. Thinking about what happened in Italy just a few months ago and what it means. The economic disorganization which is apparent everywhere in Europe. The speaker's personal experience of that in Germany. Consequences of this disorganization, with examples. The impoverishment of the spiritual and intellectual life of the people in some of the countries of Europe. An observation with reference to what can be done, using Austria as an example. A question often put to the speaker: "Can Germany pay?" Discussion follows. Three observations in closing.

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