Vladimir Putin

Harris, Very Rev. W.R.

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A review of theories advanced in efforts to explain the existence of primitive man on our continent. A description of these lands and their inhabitants before the daring Genoese sailed on his wondrous voyage of discovery. A series of personal reminiscences, with detailed and evocative descriptions follow, of the ancient city of Palenque, Chiapas and the Maya temples and other structures. The history, art, culture, and science of these primitive Americans. The lack of analogy of art or culture that can assimilate the ancient civilization of American with that of any known people. Their skill in medicine and surgery. Aqueducts, causeways and paved roads. Advanced agriculture. Tools made of an alloy of tin and copper. Regretting, while examining the strange and wonderful objects in an American Antiquities exhibit, that from the wreck of this primitive civilization some of the arts belonging to it were not saved and handed down to us. Origin of their civilization. Decline and disappearance of this ancient civilization. Origin of our Canadian Indians. Great Antiquity of Primitive Americans. A detailed description of what has been discovered about these lands and these people who lived here long before our ancestors came here. The strange and unfamiliar animals that must have prowled through the forests and roamed over the plains on this continent, as evidenced through the fossil record. Efforts to solve these puzzles to invite our attention for some time into the future.