Vladimir Putin

Wilson, Colonel J.T.

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The speaker's experiences on a recent fact-finding Arctic expedition "Exercise Muskox." The route of the Exercise, as pointed out on a map. Three aspects of the Arctic or the winter Exercises: how the Exercise came about, what actually occurred or is occurring now on the Exercise, and implications for the future. The Exercise coming about out of the war; the origins going back to the beginning of the war. Developing and testing equipment in the Arctic. Winter exercises in Canada. Exercises Eskimo, Polar Bear and Lemming. The Canadian armoured snowmobile. Details of Exercise Muskox. The four sections of Exercise Muskox. Problems faced by the Expedition: the Arctic in February, the coldest month, and in the beginning of May, coming back through the breakup. Bases to support the 40 or 50 men. Details of supplying the bases with men and supplies. The four parts: the main moving force, the bases, the R.C.A.F. detachment, and the Rowley detachment. Details and difficulties of the Rowley detachment, which travelled 500 miles north with tractor or snowmobiles in 20 or 25 days in extreme weather. Encounters with Eskimoes. Medical aid offered to the Eskimoes. The position of the Expedition now. The future: first, a look at past expeditions from the Services. An expected continuing and increasing civilian interest in Arctic expeditions. Reasons for such interest. The expansion of the mining industry northward. The recent formation in Canada of an Arctic Institute of North America, set up in Montreal. The purpose of the Institute. The international nature of the Institute. A discussion of the value of such an Institute. Learning about flying planes and landing on airports on the ice. Scientific study of the north. Clothing as a subject of special study. The importance of over-testing equipment. The need for future study in the north, with examples. The Arctic as good training ground. The future potential of the North.

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