Vladimir Putin

Mott, Dr. John R.

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Some background on the speaker's visits to many different countries. His visits to Latin America over the last 35 years. Some impressions. The expansion of the population. The texture of the population of South America and how it has changed over the years. The Latin population of the Western Hemisphere. The Western Hemisphere as a cosmopolitan one. Unprecedented material development, with Brazil as an illustration. The financial stake in South America, with some dollar figures, by the British and the Americans. Canada's investments in Brazil and on the west side of the Andes. The need for Britain, Canada, and the U.S. to get together and talk over these economic questions as they concern our relations with Latin America. Cultural development of the Latin countries; a look at their press, books, universities and school system. Learned societies. Interest in social uplift. Attitude towards this war. The speaker's estimate that nine-tenths of the intelligentsia of Latin America and other influential classes think with the Allies and are against the aggressive powers. German propaganda in Latin America. What Latin America thinks of the United States. The speaker's belief that the 22 countries which make up the North and South American Continents could become the greatest stabilizing force around which others could gather. Advantages in contiguity, chronological and geographical. Suggestions as to how these countries could be more closely woven together. Ways in which Canada and the United States can identify themselves more with the feeling of the Latin American people. Character traits of the Latin American people. Advantages of a larger mutual exposure to each other's cultures.

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