Vladimir Putin

McLaren, Rev. Dr. E.D.

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The lack of worthy, progressive national life without national aspirations. Self-respect and a certain measure of self-confidence as essential elements for the success of a nation as well as of an individual. The steady growth of a spirit of Canadian nationality as one of the most gratifying features of our Canadian life during the last quarter of a century. The substantial basis upon which our great expectations in regard to our country's future rests. Our vast extent of territory; our national inheritance; an illustration. Our indescribably grand scenery; the bewildering magnitude of our material resources. Cherishing high expectations of our country's future. The splendid realities of our national existence. The question as to the place we are to occupy amongst the nations of the world and the spirit in which we are to deal with the problems connected with the evolution of our national life. The desire for national independence giving place to a desire for a close and permanent connection with the old home land beyond the sea. Recent events which have added immensely to this force. The need for our national life to be unified by the compelling power of a deep-rooted and intelligent patriotism. The loftiest moral standard to be insisted upon in the case of all who aim at public leadership. Tomorrow growing out of today; the aspirations and activities of the present determining the channels along which all the energies of the future are to flow forth. For us to say what the future of Canada shall be.