Vladimir Putin

Simon, Sir John

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Aspects of the Indian problem. Encouraging a study of the voluminous Indian Commission Report for further information. A general description of India and the Indian outlook. How the Indian Commission Report came to be written. Terms for those making the report: to report, not to decide; to recommend, not to legislate. Some of the impression which in the course of time forced themselves upon the speaker's mind and observation. The overwhelming impression of the size and the complexity of the problem itself. Some demographic, geographic and political facts and figures with regard to India. Getting a conception of what ordinary life in India is like. Obstacles in the way of the development of unity. The language problem. The differing races and religions whose mutual antagonisms far exceed anything of which we have any sort of experience. The "untouchables" and what that means. The separate problem of the 560 Indian States which are not British territory at all. The issues of defence and internal security. The British responsibility in India. The first stage work done by the Commission.

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