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Lewis, Robert; Scott, Donna; Watson, Elizabeth; Osborne, Ronald

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Robert Lewis Trends in the news and the election season that awaits us. The state of the parties and their leaders. The future of free trade. First, some trends, beginning at the Calgary Winter Games. Subjects discussed include the 10,000 citizen volunteers; the spirit of volunteerism; the me-me-me era giving way to the us generation; the heightened concern for personal gratification dovetailing with a growing demand for honesty and restraint in public affairs; a growing impatience with patronage and conflict of interest and with the abuse of public funds. Comments on the last election, and the upcoming election. Predictions about the free trade agreement. The collective wisdom of the Canadian people. Donna Scott Fashion as a mirror of society. Examples from the Victorian era. Fashion as a mirror of the needs of the society. Examples from the 1960's and 1970's. What we saw in the mirror in the early 1980's. The effect of AIDS in the mid-80's. Fashion now. How the fashion industry works. What we are looking ahead to and where the fashion magazine fits in. What a fashion magazine is; what it does; why people read it. Elizabeth Watson Two trends which will affect the practice of medicine in Canada dramatically over the next few years: the limits imposed by economic and ethical dilemmas; the burgeoning growth of the "wellness movement" with its emphasis on disease prevention and the promotion of good health. Medical science always ahead of the society it serves and the ethical dilemmas this leads to. The threatened overload of the health-care system. The need for each of us to assume greater responsibility for our own health. Paying the price. Ronald Osborne Free trading in ideas. "How, in the face of this necessary agreement, [free trade with the United States] can we ensure that Canada remains independent, self-sufficient and strong--an environment we will be proud to hand over to the next generations?" The role of the cultural industries in that context. Canadians navel-gazing, analysing ourselves and wondering about our identity. A brief look over the last 200 years and how we got from there to here. The challenge for the next 100 years for Canada "to take full advantage of the benefits of the North American fact, our proximity to the friendly giant to the south and his marketplace, while at the same time recognizing that Canadians want to remain Canadians." What gives Canada its texture. Maclean Hunter as one of the Canadian communications companies that bear the responsibility for creating the forum in which Canadians can continue to debate and to relish in their own identity.

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