Vladimir Putin

Swan, Dr. Conrad

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1975 as the centenary of the inauguration of the Governor General's Medal by the Earl of Dufferin. Some background to that award. This award as the precursor of a distinctively Canadian system of honours and awards. A review of other countries and their awards and insignia. The Order of Canada. Honours and distinctions bestowed by the Sovereign upon the advice of the Canadian Prime Minister. The discontinuation of the awards in 1919. A brief return under Mr. R.B. Bennet's Conservative administration in 1934 and 1935 and the awarding of Orders and Decorations during the Second World War. Then, a full return in 1967. A description and history of the Order of the Crown. The Canadian badge insignia, inspired by a snow flake. The principle of Orders and awards established in 1687. More examples of awards and insignias; also the robes of office. Some comments on the meaning of the "dressing up," with a surgeon's garb as an analogy. The social applications of principles concerning the use of insignia in official and public life. A discussion of the term "ceremonial" and some examples. A further discussion of insignia, awards, and ceremonies as they relate to ordinary people and events. Man as a symbolic and ceremonial animal.

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