Vladimir Putin

McDougall, The Hon. Barbara

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A review of the current state of affairs, with a focus on what is happening in the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Somalia, and the EEC. The interdependence of the world now a "given." Canada's position in world trade. A list of the major forces influencing current affairs, and a discussion of what they could lead to. Social, economic, political, and environmental linkages. Solutions in co-operation or inclusive action to protect global stability. Human rights. Sovereignty. The nature of national boundaries. Canada's vision of the route to international stability and prosperity. The government's commitment to four underlying principles based on universal values. The intention implied in the four principles. Aims and goals. Multilateralism as a long-standing Canadian mantra. An international political will. The role of the United Nations, and Canada as part of that organization. The means and goals of peaceful settlement. The government's commitment to the expansion of Canadian trading opportunities. The links between democratic development and market reforms in other countries and Canada's economic prosperity. Examples and figures to illustrate these links. Canada's global role.

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