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Strange, Lieutenant-Commander William

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The unshakeable faith in the British Navy held by the men and women of the British Empire. Some historical events when the British were in trouble by not having a navy, or by letting the navy get into a weak condition. The naval origin of Canada. Ways in which the Navy is currently living up to the sea-going traditions of the spiritual ancestors of its ships, and the actual ancestors of its men, and is--in a hundred ways--providing protection for our shores. Protecting ships. The importance of a continued and ever-increasing supply of ships to our present efforts. The role of the Royal Canadian Navy. Some facts and stories of our Canadian ships and our Canadian seamen. The Canadian Navy doing precisely what all the navies of the United Nations are doing--doing our damndest to get the merchant ships, the transports, and the rest, to their proper destinations with the least possible amount of loss. Doing it as a team. Some little-known facts about how we are doing these things. Facing the U-boat menace. A description of the U-boat. The work of the Merchant Navy. A typical example of the kind of thing that our merchant seamen have faced in the Atlantic and are still facing. Getting convoys past the submarines. The Navy's job: keeping the sea-lanes as clear as they can be kept, guarding our shores, facing the enemy.

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