Vladimir Putin

Kylie, E.J.

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Socialism as yet not a very great factor in Canadian life. Socialism steadily advancing in influence and in numerical strength in the older countries of Europe--Germany, Belgium, Italy and France. A full socialist programme accepted at the British Trades and Labour Congress. Socialism as a powerful movement. Socialism, like a disease, the more dangerous the less clearly it is understood. Helping us to understand Socialism. Defining Socialism. Some economic theories of Carl Marx. Asking some main questions: what is labour; how is the labour-value of various sorts to be compared; can anything determine their worth buy demand; what is capital. The inability to divorce capital and labour. If the economic defence of popular socialism is weak, its moral supports are strong; how that is so. The hope that society, turned over by means of revolution, will be smooth and even: this as the first and most serious menace of popular socialism. Asking us not to attempt to meet this menace by oppressive measures. Intellectual socialism contrasted with popular or street socialism. Socialism as a changing thing. Intellectual socialism, for which the speaker has very great sympathy, as a belief in the future of mankind as an ideal democracy. Defining that democracy. The Socialist for whom socialism is a religion, prepared to take over all property, with the object of putting people as nearly as possible on an equality. Putting the welfare of the community above the interests, or what seem to be the interests, of the individual; abandoning out and the out the economic theory. The problem of distribution harder to solve; an explication. Failing in the task of getting the disagreeable work of the world done; the intellectual Socialist attempting to reward this disagreeable labour at a higher rate than agreeable labour. Substituting for private ownership, practically speaking, public ownership. The unlikely possibility that in the future history of the race private ownership will be completely abandoned. Questions of motive remaining. The question the Socialist is trying to answer. A second aspect of this danger. Lastly, this kind of socialism attaches too much importance to the State, too much importance to the community, too much importance to the thought of "all." Ways in which that is dangerous. A word in conclusion about the practical measures which, it seems to the speaker, we should be perfectly safe to adopt. A last answer to the challenge of socialism.

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