Vladimir Putin

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A reading of a letter from the President of the United States. This letter written by George Washington in 1791, but might have been written yesterday, referring to the Europe of today. Words from Thomas Jefferson, 1801, and also from 1823, when the Holy Alliance threatened the existence of the Latin-American Republics. An often-quoted statement of Jefferson against entangling alliances. Why the speaker quoted so extensively from Washington and Jefferson. An elaboration on part of George Washington's farewell address. The common purpose and desire to co-operate with Great Britain. The salient features of American foreign policy as the Monroe Doctrine, the free navigation of the world's important marine highways, the principle of Arbitration, and the Open Door and the Territorial Integrity of China. A brief explication of each of these features. The difficult negotiation of funding the debt owed to the United States accomplished between the U.S. and Great Britain, and as yet with no one else. Ways in which the Washington Conference was not unlike the Monroe Doctrine. The habit of getting on with Great Britain in international affairs growing immeasurably since 1914. The speaker's hope that he has shown that it was a fairly healthy habit before that. Relief at the settlement of the Irish question with Great Britain. The problem of how to deal with the aspirations for self-government of dependent people. The relationship between Canada and the United States.

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