Vladimir Putin

Fay, C.R.

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The course of events which has taken place in the grain trade in the last ten years. What went wrong with the system. A look at the Wheat Pool in Canada today. A brief history of the growth of Western Canada. What the speaker found there in 1922: a country at the cross-roads. A new movement, one causing trouble between the old school and the new. The latest development of the organization of the Wheat Pool. Where they stand in relation to the world situation in wheat. The question of the general trend of prices of raw materials in relation to those of manufactured products. The application of this question the world over. The need for production control. The all-important question of what kind of life we envisage for the Canadian West. The speaker offers two pictures from which we may choose. Canada as a balance; our Dominion a compromise. What we might say to the West. What the West ought to be able to say back. The need to live together as a Canadian Dominion. Under-estimating the possibility of price decline. The possibility of alternative supplies coming along in greater volume. What the marketing organization has tried to do. Closing on an Imperial note. Concluding that the Governments of the Prairie Provinces are wise in viewing this problem from a very broad angle. Supporting co-operative endeavours.

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