Vladimir Putin

Bata, Thomas J.

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Speaking as a Canadian internationalist, how Canada and Canadian business might benefit from greater participation in the opportunities which this constantly more and more interdependent world presents. Some major challenges of the future. Two themes stressed: world-wide interdependence and the opportunities this creates, and the need to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Why these themes are important for Canada. A brief review of the changing world, especially the unprecedented growth in international trade, the rapidity of technological change, the rise of mass communications and expectations, and the growth of mass markets. Pattern in international trade. The importance of permanent Canadian entrepreneurial investment overseas, ensuring a Canadian presence in the long run. This in addition to Canada's continued need for foreign investment, particularly that which brings new expertise. The need for some government action to make Canada an even more desirable base for international operations. Other important influences. The evolution of trade as seen in the speaker's company. The next wave of prosperity in the industrialized countries. The need to adapt; why and how. What it means for Canada. Canada's current position and what is needed to adapt. Understanding the nature of global interdependence. The successful Canadian businesses of the future. Opportunities for a determined and resourceful Canada.

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