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Rae, The Hon. Bob

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. Advice to the future Premier of Ontario, with the hope that it is the speaker himself. The last four years in office and the state of affairs when the speaker's government took over. A public philosophy from values that matter and that affect the assessment of experiences. How Ontario makes its way in the world. The changing natures of the national economy and national politics and how they have affected Ontario. Some specific advice to the next premier, each with some discussion. Briefly, some of that advice is: while others might enjoy the freedom of a marginal or even an ideological role, no Ontario premier has that luxury; Get a life!; remember that most people are going through their day not preoccupied about what their premier does; the buck really does stop with you; you can't be the only agent of change; encourage good people in the government to take a leave for a year or two; don't be afraid to change your mind when confronted by facts and arguments that are too persuasive to ignore; there are always more good ideas than there is money; everyone is in favour of restraint in general, but no one likes restraint in particular; remember that a poll will tell you people's first impression of things based on what's on the top of their minds that day and based on what they've just heard. The legacy to the next premier: a better economy. What it will require to keep the economy strong. Change that's taken place in terms of where people look to leadership for the reconstruction of the Ontario economy. Challenges we face as a province. What the speaker's opponents say. The need for partnerships. The key to tax reform. "The loudest noises have always come from those with the most money." Massive inequality in a society like Ontario: bad socially, morally, and economically. Some remarks and discussion on the American way. The need to control the social deficit. Maintaining our quality of life by maintaining and strengthening the social fabric of our society. Specific things that the NDP government did in Ontario over the last four years. The situation now. The issue of Canadian unity. Belief in Ontario for the federation. The role of government. What the speaker's government has demonstrated over the last four years, and their commitment to change in government, to make it more productive, to make it a true partner with the private sector, with business community, with labour, with working people, with trade unions, with everyone. Balance as the key. Looking forward to 1995.

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