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Prime Minister’s Party Releases its Much-Anticipated Election Platform

Speaking on the day the Prime Minister's party releases its much-anticipated election platform. Reference to previous speeches at for Empire Club. Introduction to people attending with the speaker. The speaker's party economic and fiscal plan to protect Canadians during a time of uncertainty. A response to some disappointments with regard to some campaign plans. Prudent leadership. A tested and true plan. A consistent course on economic and fiscal policy. What was said in the beginning and how that has carried through. Planning for the growth and prosperity of the Canadian economy, especially for working Canadian families. Keeping debt levels down. A recap of some of the speaker's party's actions over the past year. How the fundamentals of Canada's economy are different from those of the U.S. , with some specifics. Making investments and creating jobs. The fundamental difference in approach from that of the Opposition parties, with specifics. Project announcements. Incentives to transform manufacturing sectors. Programs that leverage private-sector investment in strategic sectors, with examples. The intention to extend the super flow-through share provisions for the mining sector. Pursuing a global commerce strategy, with examples and specific initiatives. A review of the fiscal fundamentals underlying strategies. Comments on approaches by Opposition parties. Tax reductions, with details. The importance of these programs.

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