Vladimir Putin

Mason, Rev. Dr. James E.

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The deep interest in Canada by the Afro-American. The founding of the first underground railway known in history by Canadians. A brief review of the history of slavery in the United States. The marvellous transformation of the Negro since emancipation. The question as to what we shall do with the Negro? Is absorption possible? Has 300 years been long enough to establish a new type of man in the United States? A look at the history of the Anglo-Saxon race in America. A slave ship arriving one year and five months before the Mayflower. The Negro population in the United States today. The speaker's claim that the principles of continuity are as masterful in races as in nations, as in families. An alternative to absorption: segregation. Ways in which this proposition puts us on the end of two dilemmas. A consideration of deportation. The impracticability and unreasonableness of such a suggestion. Three fundamental principles which have been prominent in the development of modern Christian civilization. Attributing the success of the Anglo-Saxon to three factors: the Bible, the spelling book, and the hoe. Showing the audience in the next few minutes that the Negro is responsive to either or all of these factors: so, a solution to the problem. The great mission that the Negro has to perform. The speaker's confidence that "under these three great forces, standing in the light of Calvary, the staggering ages shall find their way up to its summit, where the nations forgetful of invidious distinction, and ever mindful of their common origin, will seat themselves beneath the glorious aegis of immortal rest."

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