Vladimir Putin

Moore, Tom

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Russia as a factor in unemployment in Canada and other countries. Relief made possible through the expenditure of money by the Federal, Provincial and Municipal authorities. Controversy over employment figures prior to and after this expenditure. Difficulties of obtaining such figures. Need for other government machinery whereby we can gauge the volume of unemployment in order to find a sensible solution for the problem. An examination of unemployment. Recommendations made at the Federal-Provincial Conference of employers, employees and Government representatives in 1924, still buried away in the Government files. Resurrecting these and other recommendations. The unemployment problem on a world-wide basis. The fear of unemployment a factor itself. The vital factor of under-employment to be considered. Our present capitalistic system on trial. The gold question, the effect of the restriction of currency, the necessity of finding some more equitable distribution than the hoarding which is taking place in France and the United States. A review of our Bank Act. The need for an investigation so that authentic information will be available when the Act comes before Parliament. The silver question and its effects on the purchasing power of China, India and other nations; how this is a vital factor in the problem of unemployment in its international aspects. The factor of the tendency towards industrialization which has taken place since the war. Canada and other countries shutting out the exchange of trade in a system of intensive nationalization. Paradoxically, a greater internationalism of capital. How this has an important bearing on the unemployment situation. Our business today to balance production and consumption. The immense problem of Russia. The speaker's belief that the statements he makes are in harmony with the general policies of the labor movement, and in the interests of the progress of Canada. His disagreement that there is any permanent good for the workers of this country in the acceptance of present Russian offers, with explication. An analysis of the latest offers commercially. An examination of what Russia will permit us to send her. Setting aside for the time being future trade with Russia to concentrate on our immediate needs. Creating conditions in Canada such that confidence will be re-established and we will be able to improve to such an extent that as Russia looks to our Hydro today as an ideal development, so 15 years from now they and other countries will look to Canada as an ideal towards which to aim.

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