Vladimir Putin

Dafoe, Dr. Allan Roy

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The speaker's chief interest in life for the past two years the Dionne quintuplets. Acknowledgement to the Ontario Government for assistance given to the speaker from the time the babies were born. Special thanks given to the Minister of Welfare and The Canadian Red Cross. Support from the medical profession throughout Canada. Details as to how the children lived. The country doctor's role as a friend of the family. The early stages of the birth. The parents. The size of the babies at birth and afterwards. The establishment of guardianship with the children as wards of the King and why it was established. The present situation in terms of guardianship. The issue of religious training for the children. Who bears the expenses. The claim of no exploitation of the babies. The procedure of having tourists in to see the babies, and the conditions under which that happens. Some details about the children and caring for them. Prosperity brought to the Province of Ontario through showing the babies to tourists.

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