Vladimir Putin

Harris, The Hon. Michael

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On the eve of an election in Ontario. An opportunity to create a new direction for Ontario. The need for a vigorous debate of the issue facing Ontario. A review of where we are in Ontario. Changes the speaker believes are required. Optimism about the future. Confidence that we can change direction--that we can grow, prosper and create the hundreds of thousands of jobs required for Ontarians to get back to work. Sharing some thoughts about the political process. Four things the speaker has observed in his travels across Ontario. Four goals for the speaker and his party in the coming campaign. Details of the "Common Sense Revolution" plan. The cornerstone of the programme. How the speaker and his party will bring about campaign promises. Changing the welfare system in Ontario. Restructuring government to deliver more with less. Sending a signal that things will be different. Cutting the number of MPPs at Queen's Park. More details in a published copy of the Common Sense Revolution Plan that explain how the size and cost of government will be reduced and how there will be a cut in personal income tax. Turn-around management. The need for courageous leadership. Earning the support and trust of the voters of Ontario. Making Ontario a great place to live, to work and to raise a family.